Updated on 9/27/2019
Commissions Data Loader Publication
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Commonly used terms in CDL are described below:

Batch  Data about a group of similar business objects that is transferred and processed by CDL. All data is treated as a single unit. For example, all data related to Transactions is treated as a batch. 
Commissions Stage Tables Temporary data storage area in Commissions where data from CDL is placed during export. Data is validated in the staging area before transferring into the Commissions tables and executing the pipeline. See Commissions Administrator online help for more details. 
CDL Job Each file that is transferred in an inbound or outbound transfer. 
Custom Inbound Custom Inbound allows you to load ad-hoc data from a file to a temporary table, then invokes a HANA stored procedure to transfer data from the temp tables to Commissions stage tables, and finally imports data to the Commissions tables through Commissions stage data import. 
CDL Secure Box CDL Inbound and outbound folders which are accessible using SFTP. Exported files are dropped off in the inbound folder and imported files are available for pick up in the outbound folder.
Commissions Relational Import Relational import provides the ability to validate Commissions UI objects such as transaction data, organization data, classification data, and so on for data transfer. These objects are often prerequisite data that must be in store when you run compensation processing jobs.
Data types  

User-defined types of data, for example, credit types, earning groups, earning codes, event types, reason codes, and fixed value types). See Commissions Online Help for more details.
File Management System
(GoAnywhere solution)
File transfer and encryption solution.
Flat file
Flat file allows you to specify data attributes, such as columns and data types table by table, and stores the data in plain text format.
Pipeline is a compensation computation process initiated from the Pipeline workspace in the Job Queue view or from the command-line utility. The pipeline produces compensation and pay results for payees assigned to variable compensation plans.
Designated area in Commissions where related compensation objects are grouped together so that a user can perform related tasks from the same place.