Updated on 9/27/2019
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Perform an Inbound Transfer
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Perform an Inbound Transfer

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To perform a standard inbound transfer:

  1. Download the required CDL template.
  2. Create a flat file using the specifications defined in the template
  3. Name the flat file using the specified naming convention for the file type that is dropped. See Inbound File Transfer Specifications for more details.
  4. Log in to your SFTP using the SFTP File Protocol, Hostname, Port, and Username credentials provided. Additionally, you may need to provide the private key for authentication purposes.
  5. Drop the files in the inbound folder after you are connected to SFTP.

Once the files are placed in the inbound folder, the data transfer starts immediately. You can view the status of the file transfer and review the logs in the CDL interface.

Note:  If Auto-run is set to off, you must manually resume the file transfer process from the Jobs page. To manually resume a job, click execute in the Jobs page. See Global Settings for more information. 

To perform a custom inbound transfer:

  1. Define the custom inbound file type.
  2. Create a custom HANA table.
  3. Create a custom HANA procedure with one IN parameter as shown below:

Example: With IN Parameter



  1. To run the inbound file type, drop a trigger file in the inbound folder of the SFTP Dropbox. The trigger file should have the same file type that is defined in inbound file type settings for the custom inbound file type.

Note:  All custom inbounds require one IN parameter where CDL passes the filename. This can be utilized by the custom procedure as batchname if required. 

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