Updated on 9/27/2019
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What is Commissions Data Loader (CDL)?
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What is Commissions Data Loader (CDL)?

Commissions Data Loader (CDL) is a vital component of the SAP Commissions application. CDL allows you to securely import and export critical business data to and from the Commissions application, enabling you to easily synchronize and share data within your organization for further processing. 

Using CDL, you can import and export data pertaining to the business objects that are defined in Commissions. You can transfer data in bulk, to and from the following workspaces in Commissions:
  • Orders and Transactions workspace for Results 
  • Participants, Positions, and Titles workspace for Organization 
  • Categories, Products, Customers, and Postal Codes workspace for Classification 

Data is transferred in Flat File format and the preferred representation is UTF-8 encoding.  An Inbound transfer involves exporting/uploading data to Commissions. An Outbound transfer involves extracting/importing data from Commissions.  

Note: Territory data can also be loaded into Commissions via CDL.  See Inbound File Type Settings for more information.

CDL is accessible from the Apps menu on the top right in Commissions. See CDL Login and Access Permissions for details.

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