Data Integration on Commissions Using SDI 

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SAP Smart Data Integration

SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI) is a component of the HANA platform which facilitates receiving, transforming, and loading data to and from the HANA database. Capabilities include high-volume data loads, real-time and batch data movement, high-speed data provisioning, and data transformation. 

Data Integration on Commissions HANA using SDI

SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI) is packaged as part of SAP Commissions and can be used to integrate your on-premise systems with SAP Commissions on HANA.

Smart Data Integration (SDI) allows you to securely transfer critical business data to and from the Commissions application, enabling you to easily synchronize and share data within your organization.

Using SDI, you can transfer data pertaining to the business objects that are defined in Commissions. You can transfer data to and from the following workspaces in Commissions:

  • Orders and Transactions workspace for Results
  • Participants, Positions, and Titles workspace for Organization
  • Categories, Products, Customers, and Postal Codes workspace for Classification


Understanding of data integration concepts, knowledge of SDI, Web IDE, HANA SQL and procedures, and working knowledge of GitHub is a prerequisite for implementing SDI with Commissions HANA.

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