Commissions-SDI Architecture

Using SDI, data is loaded, in batches or real-time, into Commissions HANA from flat files using pre-built and custom adapters. Data Provisioning Agents are used to house adapters and connect to the source system with the Data Provisioning server which is provisioned by the HANA system.

The following image illustrates the Commissions-SDI architecture.

SDI is packaged as part of HANA Enterprise which comprises the following components:
  • HANA Server (SDI Data Provisioning Server) hosted by SAP/Callidus Datacenter
  • Data Provisioning Agent hosted on-premise by customers

The DP agent is installed in the customer’s premise and is set up to connect with SDI and the HANA DB Server. The DP Agent connects to the data source systems (Hadoop, Files, RDBMS, or others) and passes information between the source systems and the HANA Server using built-in adapters that are packaged with the DP Agent. Data is transmitted over HTTPS to and from the HANA Server.

Every SAP Commission solution is provisioned with a separate HANA tenant database. Web IDE facilitates access to the HANA database and SDI components. A development space is provisioned in Web IDE XSA (Extended Application Service) to enable application developers to manage content integration development. The Web IDE DB Explorer plugin allows users to connect to the tenant database and access the schemas.