Perform an Outbound File Transfer (Example: Generate Payfile)

In outbound transfer, data is copied from EXT Schema which has read access Commissions tables (TCMP) and loaded into the target.

Note: Data can be extracted into various data systems. As an example, the procedure to transfer data to flat files is illustrated in this documentation. 


The following image illustrates the steps involved for an Outbound File Transfer.

To perform an inbound transfer:

  1. Create Custom EXT Table.
    1. Open DB Explorer and log in to EXT schema.
    2. Create a custom table in EXT for the respective source (Example: Payroll_Data)
  2. Create a Custom Stored Procedure.
    1. Open DB Explorer and log in to EXT schema.
    2. Create a custom procedure in EXT to transfer data from TCMP to EXT (Ex: Payroll_Data_Proc)
    3. In this procedure write SQL statements to extract payment data from Commissions and load into the respective custom table (Example: Payroll_Data)
  3. Create FlowGraph#1:
    1. Create a FlowGraph and define Virtual table (Example: Payroll) as your target and Synonym as a source.
    2. Build FlowGraph and Execute.

Optionally, you can create additional flowgraphs to meet your requirements and chain flowgraphs.

To monitor data transfer status and logs, see Monitor Tasks.

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