PDB Alerts

NIPR provides a NIPR PDB Alerts web service that is available to all customers who would like to receive a daily file (Monday-Friday) from NIPR that would contain specific data for the category of information that changed for specific producer. NIPR is charging for the service of receiving PDB Alerts. There is a standard price for this method per producer on the target list, per month.

A list of all Alerts is in the Compliance Client app under the Alerts section. 


Alerts are files that the Compliance stores in the FTP server. Alert files contain information about producer changes in the NIPR. The procedure for obtaining and writing alert files is the following:

  1. The Compliance Client App contains information about Subscriptions for each tenant. Subscription exists for the following four categories for producer details changes: Regulators, Appointments, Licenses, and Demographics. They are stored in the Compliance app in the following format:
  • tenant_name_regulators
  • tenant_name_appointments
  • tenant_name_licenses
  • tenant_name_demographics
  1. Every One hour Scheduled Job READ_TARGETS is triggered, which reads Target files for specific tenant from the FTP server. Target files contain an NPN number of the producer and the flag ACTIVE.
  2. Once-daily, at 3 a.m. CST, for tenant’s subscriptions and targets received during the previous day, the Compliance app triggers WRITE_ALERTS scheduled job, that obtains Catchup XML from NIPR.
  3. Catchup XML contains information about producer changes based on the info in subscriptions and targets. From the Catchup XML, Alert entities are formed and filled in.
  4. Alert entities are then stored back on the FTP server in the .csv format on the path defined in the SFTP client configuration page.

The scheme of the Alert processing on the Compliance and PM app is given in the scheme below.  For configuration of alerts in the PM application see this page.  For configuration of alerts in the Compliance application see this page.



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