On the Admin application on the Caches page, you can view and refresh cached data for the specific entity. 


Cached data exists for the following pages: 

  • CLIENT – Cached Account information for all tenants 
  • TENANT – Cached information about tenants 
  • CONFIG_DATA – Cached Config data information for all tenants 
  • APPT_LOA_LIC_LOA_MATCH – Cached ApptLicLoaMatch information for all tenants 
  • STATE_LOA_LIC_CLASS – Cached StateLoaLicClass information 
  • STATE_LIC_CLASS_LOA – Cached information for StateLicClassLoa 
  • STATE_LIC_CLASS – Cached information for StateLicClass 
  • TERMINATION_REASON- Cached information about Termination Reasons 
  • LOG_LEVEL – Cached information about Log Level 

Button in the header of the table is used to clear all caches in the data table.  



By selecting the Clear button you can refresh all caches.

On each row, there are two actions: 

  • View action to view the data currently stored in the cache 

  • Refresh action to refresh the data for the specific tenant 


If the cache type is TENANT, data is cached for each tenant separately. Cache type GLOBAL means that information is unique, saved, and used by all tenants. 

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