Configuration Data

A list of all config data is in the Compliance Client application under the Configuration section.

Buttons in the header of the table, represent options for filtering and sorting the data table.


Option Action
By selecting the + button, you can create a new Config Data record.
By selecting the download button, you can download all config data records that exist for that tenant in .csv format.
By selecting the upload button, you can add config data records, by uploading them in .csv format.
By selecting one or more records from the table, you can delete the picked records.
By selecting the funnel button, section, which contains the filter fields, is revealed. You can filter the table by one or more columns. If table filtering is applied a dot on the funnel icon appears.
By selecting on the in-out button, dialog with column names and sorting direction displays. You can sort columns by clicking on the column header, and the sort order.


You can view details for the Config data by clicking on the specific row in the data table.

Field Description
State Code State code for config data (if it applies to all the states enter ALL for this field)
Map Name Name of the mapping (e.g. mapped-Authorization-collection)
Key Company code (COCODE)
Discriminator If there are more licenses for the same company code, for the first license you omit this filed. For other licenses, you enter the license ID into this field.

XML file (e.g.



        <!--    3 means Mailing   -->


        <ADDR_LINE_1>1277 Main Street</ADDR_LINE_1>








        <!--    02 means Business   -->





        <!--    02 means Business   -->








XML Mapping XML mapping name (e.g.

NIPR provides in the ICR (Insurance Carrier Report) data required to fill in the mapped-Authorization-collection Config data records for the specific tenant.