Create Tenant

You can create a new tenant on the Tenant page in Compliance Admin Application. 

Buttons in the header of the table, represent options for adding, deleting the data table entries and filtering and sorting the data table.




By clicking the + button, you can add a new tenant. 



By clicking on the bin button, you can delete one or more selected tenant. 


By clicking the funnel button area with filter option fields displays. You can filter the table by one or more columns. If table filtering is applied a dot on the funnel icon is visible.   


By clicking the in-out button, dialog with column names and sorting direction is displayed. You can sort columns by clicking on the column header. 

On create a new Tenant action, the form displays where you enter the Domain.  

If you want to edit the Tenant data, click the row in the table. The page with the form will show, with all data on the form being disabled. Click on the pencil button in the upper right corner to edit the data. 

Once you create a new Tenant, you should create one or more admin users for that tenant, who can edit the tenant configuration data further. 

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