Global Variables

On the Admin application on the Global Variables page, you can create and edit global variables. 

A global variable is an interactive alternative for the environment variable used within the application which changes periodically. 


By selecting the + button, you can create a new question.
By selecting one or more records from the table, you can delete the picked records.
By selecting the funnel button, section, which contains the filter fields, is revealed. You can filter the table by one or more columns. If table filtering is applied a dot on the funnel icon appears.
By selecting on the in-out button, dialog with column names and sorting direction displays. You can sort columns by clicking on the column header, and the sort order.


You can view details of the Global Variable by clicking on the specific row in the data table. 

NameName of the variable (e.g. API_CALL)
ValueValue for the variable (e.g. ENTITY_INFO)

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