Log in for Compliance Client Application

Login as Client

 On Compliance Client application user is identified by entering the following data: 

  • Username  

  • Password 

  • Domain 


The domain name is the name of your tenant. If you don't know your tenant name, contact your supervisor or administrator, or refer to the email notification you received when your account was created. 

If you select Remember me, Compliance will automatically keep you logged in for one month. 

When you click Sign In, Compliance opens your Home page. 

Login as System Admin 

On Compliance Client application system admin is identified by entering the following data: 

  • Username  

  • Password

  • The domain field is optional  

When you click Sign In, another user login window is opened where you choose which tenant do you want to login to, and as which user. Once you click Sign In again, you will be logged in on the current tenant as of the existing users. Application view and action permissions will be the same as the user you chose.