Non-uniform Questions

On the Admin application in Non-Uniform Questions page, you can create and edit Non-Uniform Questions for each state. In case NIPR changes Non-Uniform Questions for certain state you have to change those questions in Compliance Admin Application as well.  

Buttons in the header of the table, represent options for filtering and sorting the data table.  


Option Action
By selecting the + button, you can create a new question.
By selecting one or more records from the table, you can delete the picked records.
By selecting the funnel button, section, which contains the filter fields, is revealed. You can filter the table by one or more columns. If table filtering is applied a dot on the funnel icon appears.
By selecting on the in-out button, dialog with column names and sorting direction displays. You can sort columns by clicking on the column header, and the sort order.

You can view details of the Question by clicking on the specific row in the data table. 


KeyKey of the question
StateState of the question
Licensing Transaction Type

Transaction type of the question (

CA (Appointment),

TA (Termination),

NRL (Non-resident Licensing),

NRR (Non-resident License Renewals),

RL (Resident Licensing),

RLR (Resident Licensing Renewal),

ACR (Address Change Request),

NRAL (Non-resident Adjuster License),

NRAR (Non-resident Adjuster Renewal),

NRLNHS (Non-resident License No Home State),

NRALNHS (Non-resident Adjuster License No Home State),

NRARNHS (Non-resident Adjuster Renewal No Home State))

DescriptionDescription of the question (insert here any additional text surrounding question sent from NIPR)
QuestionText of the question
Answer TypeType of the answer (Numeric, Alpha, Alphanumeric, Key value, Date)
AnswersEnter possible answer values if Answer type is Key value. In other cases, leave this field blank.
MaxEnter the maximum number of characters in the answer
MinEnter the minimum number of characters in the answer
Parent ValueIf this question is a sub-question, enter the value of parent question that requires this sub-question to be answered (e.g. if parent question 7 is answered Yes, question 7A is required)
Parent KeyKey of the parent question
Parent IdId of the parent question (automatically populated, you can omit this field)
RequiredWeather field is required: TRUE/FALSE
License ClassList of license classes for which question applies (e.g. Viatical Settlement Provider=715;)
Entity TypeEntity Type for which question applies (Business, Individual, Individual and Business)

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