PDB Transactions

A list of all transactions to the NIPR PDB is given on the PDB transactions page in the Compliance Client app under the NIPR section. 

You can view details for the PDB call by clicking on the specific row in the data table.  

Buttons in the header of the table, represent options for adding, deleting the data table entries and filtering and sorting the data table.  




By clicking the + button, you can create a new PDB Call. 


By clicking the funnel button area with filter option fields displays. You can filter the table by one or more columns. If table filtering is applied a dot on the funnel icon is visible.  


By clicking the in-out button, dialog with column names and sorting direction is displayed. You can sort columns by clicking on the column header. 

To create a new request to the PDB database click the + button in the table header. A new page with PDB call options is displayed.  

On this page you can choose: 

  • Entity type - parameter for which entity you want to make a call (Individual or firm) 

  • Call type – there are three calls to the PDB database:   

  • Entity Info – A  paid PDB call that takes as parameter SSN/Tax Number or NPN and returns a complete history from PDB for a given producer. 
  • Add Info – A free PDB call takes as a parameter SSN/Tax Number or NPN and returns a list of categories and dates when each group was last updated for a given producer. 
  • Hit List – A free PDB call takes as a parameter SSN/Tax Number or NPN and returns last updated demographic details for that producer 
  • Look up parameter – each of the PDB calls requires either an NPN or SSN and Last name as an input parameter. 

Once you Submit the call, you get an XML response from PDB in the text area. 

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