• What is Compliance?


What is Compliance?

The Compliance is a web application designed for providing a user interface for processing transactions and configurations between NIPR and industry. The industry refers to companies that conduct business with NIPR such as ABPs (Authorized Business Partners) and the insurance companies. 

In this document, NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) refers to the gateway for electronic exchange and electronic processing between industry and the states. 

This document depicts the format and syntax in which Compliance expects to receive data from industry and states so it can be transmitted to the NIPR Gateway. Compliance enables you to configure, add and edit state business rules, mandatory fields, license classes, lines of authority, and termination reasons for the transaction to be successfully submitted through the NIPR Gateway.  

There are three primary roles within the Compliance application: 

  • System Administrators can create tenants, users, set and edit Validations, License Class LOA and Termination Reasons through Compliance Admin UI. 

  • Administrators can create users for single tenant, edit configuration data and alerts data and read and submit NIPR transaction data through Compliance Client UI. 

  • Users can view NIPR transaction, Alert and Configuration data for a given tenant.  

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