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Action Type

Action Types comprise a predefined course of action that is executed when the user clicks on the workflow action button in the Contract. When defining the workflow, you can choose a predefined Action Type in the Action Name panel. 

CLM supports the following Action types:

Selecting an Action Type for a workflow is optional. You can continue to configure the workflow without selecting an Action Type. See Workflow Tab for details. 


Use the PublicLink Action Type when the contract must be sent to a customer with a link to the CLM portal.


Use the DocuSignSingleSign Action Type when the contract must be signed by a single user via DocuSign.

In the Workflow Tab, under Permission Rules, select who must sign the contract. 


Use the DocuSignMultipleSign or AdobeSignMultipleSign Action Type when the contract must be signed by multiple users via DocuSign or AdobeSign, whichever is selected.

In the Workflow Tab, under Permission Rulesselect the users who can send the contract for signature, and specify the mail templates in the Sign MultiSign panel.


Use the ParallelApproval Action Type when the contract must be approved by multiple people within the organization. The contract can be approved or rejected only by the parallel approvers. All Approvers must approve the contract for the workflow action to be complete.

In the Parallel Approval panel, enter the following form fields:

  • Approval Role Assignment
    • Predefined: CLM sends the contract to all selected approvers at once when the workflow action is executed. Select approvers from Available Predefined Assignment Roles. Users who belong to the selected roles are approvers and are listed under Selected Predefined Assignment Roles
    • User Defined: User is able to choose from the available list of approvers and initiate the approval process. Select approvers from Available Configurable Assignment RolesUsers who belong to the selected roles are available as approvers and are listed under Selected Configurable Assignment Roles 
  • Send Email after approving contract to initiator: Select the predefined email template that must be used to send an email to the initiator after the contract is approved. 
  • Send Email after rejecting contract: Select the predefined email template that must be used to send an email to the contract Initiator if contract is rejected. 
  • Status for rejected contract: Select a status for the rejected contract. 
  • Pick Default Rejection Assignee: Specify who must be assigned the contract if it is rejected. Enter the email address of the assignee.

Status Change

Use this option to change the status of the contract when integrated with CPQ. When CPQ users execute the Change Status in CLM action, the status of the contract is changed in CLM accordingly.  

In the Workflow Tab, select the Start status and under Assignment Rules, select the assignee. 

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