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Create New Clause 

All clauses are pre-approved by your organization and are available to users based on permissions. Users can access clauses for the contract types to which they have access.

A Clause must belong to a Clause Category. If a Clause Category does not exist for the Clause you want to create, Create New Clause Category   

To add a new clause:

  1. Click Contracts > Clause, and click Add New. You can specify the clause category and text in the General tab and define other settings, including access permissions and rating in the Details tab.  

  1. In the General tab:
    1. Enter a Name for the clause.
    2. Select the appropriate Clause Category for the clause. 
    3. Enter the clause text in the clause editor. The clause editor provides various options to create and format the clause content.
  2. In the Details tab:
    1. Select Risk Rating. The Risk Rating is a ranking from 1-5. 1 indicates lowest risk and 5 indicates the highest risk. This data will be used in the future, amongst other data to provide analytics and AI feedback to administrators and legal users. 
    2. Select the Permission Groups that can access the clause. Only users who belong to the selected permission group can insert the clause in the contract. 
  3. Click Save to save your changes and click Cancel to exit. 

Note: By default, when a new clause is added, all Permission Groups are assigned access. To prevent access, you must remove the Permission Groups in Details tab. 

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