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Create New Mail Template

CLM enables you to create email templates to manage email messages that are frequently sent with similar content. 

You can insert placeholders for specific data in the email. CLM automatically populates corresponding data in the placeholders from the contract when the email is sent. For example, if you include “Please review $CONTRACT_KEY” in the email template, CLM automatically populates and displays the appropriate value for contract key when this template is used.

Examples of placeholders: 

  • $NEXT_ASSIGNEE_FULL_NAME: CLM inserts the full name of the next assignee. 
  • $CONTRACT_KEY: CLM inserts the contract key.
  • $START_DATE: CLM inserts the start date of the contract.

See the full list of attribute tags and placeholders.

To create an email template:

  1. Click Contracts Mail templates, and click Add New
  2. Enter a Name for the email template.
  3. Enter a Default Subject line for the email. 
  4. Type the email message and insert attribute tags as needed. Use the standard rich text formatting options to format your email. You can also use Document Properties to customize the look and feel of your email.

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