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Create New User 

As an Administrator, you can create new users in CLM and enable them to perform contract management tasks by defining permissions, roles, reporting hierarchy, and other settings. You can also provide administrative access to users. Administrative access grants users full access to CLM. We recommend that only qualified personnel have administrative access.  

To Create a New User:

  1. Click Users > Users on the side panel, and then click Create. Enter user details in the respective sections.
  2. User Information
  • TitleFirst NameLast Name of the user. 
  • Mobile and Work phone numbers of the user.
  • Username: Username to login to CLM.
  • Email: Email address of the user. After you create the user account, the user will receive an automated email on this email address with the username and a link to the tenant to create a password. 
  • Password:  Password to login to CLM. The password should meet the  Password Policy.
  • Reset Password: Sends the user an automated email with a link to create a new password.
  • Change Password: Sends the user an automated email notifying the user that the password has changed. The user needs to contact the administrator for further information. 
  • Time Zone: Local time zone of the user. The user can change this setting in the CLM User Interface. 
  • Active: Indicates if the user account is active. After you create the user account, the user will receive an automated email with the login credentials and can log in successfully if Active is selected. To deactivate a user account, clear the checkbox.  
  1. Reporting Hierarchy
    • Reporting toReporting manager of the user. This is applicable if the approval process in your organization is based on the reporting hierarchy. Managers can view contracts of all the users who fall under the reporting hierarchy.  

For example, if the approval process in your organization requires the Legal Administrator's Manager to approve all contracts drafted by the Legal Administrator, specify the Manager's name or email address here. CLM populates this information to route contracts for approval in the workflow. 

  1. Permission Settings: 
  • Department: Department the user belongs to. This information is also used in Reports.
  • User Permission Group: Permission group that applies to the user.  A Permission Group comprises a set of permissions that allow the user to perform certain contract management tasks. See  Permission Groups for more details. 
  • Admin: If selected, the user is given administrative access to CLM. Administrative access allows the user to change all settings in CLM. We recommend that only qualified personnel have administrative access. 
  • Can View All Contracts? If selected, the user can view all the contracts in the system, except Confidential Contracts.  
  • Allow This User to Set a Contract To Confidential: If selected, the user can set a contract as confidential. See Confidential Contracts for more details.  
  1. Available Assignment Roles:
  • Select the assignment role(s) for the user. Assignment role(s) are used to specify assignees when defining a workflow. 

Assign the required role(s) from the Available Assignment Roles list. From the Selected Assignment Roles list, remove the role(s) if required.   

  1. Click Save to save your changes or click Cancel to exit. 

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