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Create New Reminder

To configure a new Reminder:

  1. On the left panel, click Reminders.
  2. Click Create.
  3. In the General tab, provide the following information:
  • Name: Enter the name of the reminder. This will appear in the Reminder’s Audit page.
  • Active: When the reminder is active, CLM sends email notifications to the specified recipients. If the reminder is not active, CLM does not send the notifications.
  • Reminder Type:
  • FIELD_VALUE: Sends reminders when a specified date is nearing. Users are notified about the important contract dates that are nearing.

  • Send Calendar Event: If selected, a calendar event is added to the recipient’s calendar.
  • Select Mail Template: Select the email template that must be used for the reminder email.
  • Field: Select the date type users must be notified about. For example, Contract Termination Date or Contract Renewal Date.
  • Status Change Script: Attach the script to change the status of the contract. The script specifies the status the contracts must acquire when the reminder is triggered. Example: Contracts with Active status must be changed to Expired status when the Expiry Date has reached.
  • PENDING_IN_STATUS: Sends reminders when a contract remains in a certain status because no action is taken. Users are notified about contract tasks that are pending due to which the contract status has not changed.
  • Select Mail Template: Select the email template that must be used for the reminder email.
  • Status: Select the pending contract status users must be notified about. For example, Draft or In Review
4. Click the Reminder Recipients tab and specify the recipients who must receive the reminder notifications:
  • Select Users: Enter the email address of the specific users who must receive the notification email.
  • Available Contract Assignees: Select recipients from the list.
  • Available Distribution Lists: Select distribution lists from the list.
5. Click the Reminder Period tab:
  • Reminder Period: Specify when the reminder must be sent. Depending on the Reminder Type that is selected, the reminder period can be configured as follows:
  • Reminders can be sent 15 Days before the Renewal Date of a contract
  • Reminders can be sent when a contract is stuck in the Review status for 3 Hours
6. Click the Contract Types tab and select the contract types to which the reminder applies.
  • Available Contract Types: Select the applicable contract types. Reminders apply to all the contracts that belong to the selected contract type.

Note: The reminder email is sent just once per contract. The reminder email is sent when the criteria specified in Reminder TypeReminder Period, and Status are met. 

7. Click the Status tab. This tab is available only when the reminder type is FIELD_VALUE.
  • Available Status: Specify the status of the contract for which Reminders must be sent. Example: Users must be notified when contracts with Active status change their status.
8. Optionally, you can set up a reminder and test the configuration on the Reminders page:
  • Click Test Reminder Field Value to test FIELD_VALUE reminder.
  • Click Test Reminder Pending in Status to test PENDING_IN_STATUS reminder.
The Reminder functionality sends out a notification to confirm that the reminder is configured properly.