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Admin Audit Trail

Administrator Audit Trail tracks all changes made to the user data (People, Customer, and Contact) in CLM. It provides a chronological record of all the changes, enabling administrators to trace and monitor updates. Administrators can perform a search and also export the audit records to an excel sheet.

The Audit trail log records the following information:
  • Created Time: Timestamp of when the action was performed.
  • Performer: Username and email address of the user who performed the action.
  • Section: Workspace where the action was performed or change was made. Options include People, Customer, Contact, User Profile, Change Password, Rule, Contract, Import, and Dashboard.
  • Description: Description of the action. Indicates whether data was added, changed, deleted, accessed, and if any sensitive data was filtered or exported. 
  • Type: Indicates the type of action performed. Options include SET, UNSET, CHANGE, VIEW, DELETE, EXPORT, RESTORE, and FILTER.
  • Field: Displays the field that was changed. 
  • Old Value: Displays old value of the field.
  • New Value: Displays the updated value of the field.

To access this feature:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Others > Admin Audit Trail. The Audit Trail record is displayed.
  1. To conduct a search, enter a search key in the search field. For example, you can search records in which the Reports to field was updated. Use the filter option to narrow down the search by Section, Type, or Performer.   
  1. To export the records to an excel sheet, click Export.

Note: Only users who are assigned the DPO role can view Personal Sensitive Data. Also, Audit Trail displays sensitive Customer and Contact fields that were used for filtering or exporting contracts. This information is only available to users with DPO role.

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