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Contract Types

A Contract Type can be any type of contract, such as Non-Disclosure Agreement, Master Service Agreement, Indemnity Agreement, Real Property Lease and so on. Your organization may use numerous types of contracts to address various business scenarios.  

CLM enables you to upload predefined templates for each contract type. Templates contain boilerplate contract information and attribute tags that are pre-approved by your organization. 
You can edit the uploaded templates online in the template editor, without having to download the files.  You can also create templates from scratch in the template editor. 
You can configure each template to simulate the approval workflow followed in your organization and make the templates available to users through permission settings. Users can then create new contracts using these templates and CLM will automatically enforce the approval workflow to progress the contract to completion. 

Note: You can edit the uploaded templates online in the template editor, without having to download the files.

Contracts > Contract Types on the side panel to view a list of existing contract types. You can perform these actions on this page: 

  • Search: Enter a search key in the search field to search for a contract type. CLM displays results matching your search key. Every contract type is saved with a unique name and code. 
  • Sort: Click Sort to order the contract types alphabetically in an ascending or descending order. Click Save to save your preference. 
  • Create: Click Create to add a contract type. See Create New Contract Type for details.
  • Deactivated Contract Types: Click Deactivated Contract Types to view all contract types that are deactivated. 
  • Edit: Click Edit to edit settings for a contract type. See Copy Contract Type for details. 
  • Copy: Click Copy to duplicate an existing contract type. You can choose to copy permissions groups, clauses, and supplements from an existing contract type. Other settings are copied by default.
  • Delete: Click Delete to delete a contract type. Deleting a contract type will delete all contracts of that type. You cannot delete a contract type if it is associated to a permission group and if it is used in a workflow.

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