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CLM enables you to replicate your organization's structure by creating departments and adding users. You can also set contract view permissions based on the department. Only users who have the required permissions can view the contracts on the Dashboard. 

Click Users Departments on the side panel to view a list of existing department records. You can perform these actions on this page: 

  • Search: Enter a search key in the Search field to search for a department. CLM displays results matching your search key.
  • Sort: Click Sort to order the department records alphabetically in an ascending or descending order. Click Save to save your preference.
  • Create: Click Create to create a new department record. See Create New Department for details.
  • Edit: Click Edit to edit a department record. 
  • Delete: Click Delete to delete a department record. You cannot delete a department record if has users.

Add New Department 

To add a new Department:

  1. Click Users Departments, and click Create.
  2. In the General tab, enter a name for the new department. Example: Finance or Legal Operations. 
  3. Click Save and set permissions to set contract view permissions.

Add Contract View Permissions

Users can view contracts of a certain department, user, or contract type in the Dashboard Repository.

The following view permissions can be defined:
  • Users of a department can view all contracts of a certain department (Example: Users of the Finance department can view all contracts of the Sales department.)
  • Users of a department can view contracts of certain users (Example: Users of the Sales Departments can view all contracts of John Smith.)
  • Users of a department can view all contracts of a certain template (Example: Users of the Legal department can view all contracts of the NDA template.)

To define the contract view permissions:
  1. Click Users > Departments > Create > Contract View Permissions tab.
  2. In the Contract View Permissions tab, select from the available Departments, Users, and Contract Types. Users of the current department can view contracts of the selected departments, and users, and the contracts of the selected contract type. 
  3. Click Save.

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