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A view is a visual representation on the CLM dashboard about data pertaining to contract statuses and terminations. CLM currently provides these views:

  • Status Category Filter: Displays status categories and the count of contracts that belong to each status category.
  • Termination Stack Chart and Termination Date Filter: Displays the count of contracts for which the termination date is less than 30, 60 or 90 days. The Upcoming Terminations chart is populated only if the Termination Date field is configured for the Contract Type.

Users > Views. You can perform these actions on this page: 

  • Search: Enter a search key in the search field to search for a View. CLM displays results matching your search key.
  • Create: Click Create to create a new View. Contact Support for Code information. 
  • Edit: Click Edit to update a View. 
  • Delete: Click Delete to delete a View. You cannot delete a view if it is used in a Permission Group.

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