CLM for Administrators ยป Administrator Role and Responsibilities


Administrator Role and Responsibilities

As an administrator, you can configure CLM to meet the specific business needs of your organization. You can help your organization leverage CLM to its maximum potential by configuring permissions, templates, and workflows optimally.  You can also address the following needs that may arise in your organization to facilitate contract management tasks:

  • Change the approval workflow for a specific contract type to allow routing to a different stakeholder
  • Add new fields to capture metadata for a specific contract type
  • Create custom reports specific to a sales region
  • Provide new permissions to users who are assigned the default permission group
  • Contact support to address reporting and custom scripting requirements

All organizations have at least one administrator, but larger ones may have more. Your administrator role can be as simple or as complex as your organization's size and structure. In smaller organizations, the administrator may also use CLM the way other users do to carry out contract management tasks.