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Advanced Search is a robust feature that enables you to search for a specific set of contracts using search queries.  You can export or download your results, and create queries that you can later reuse.

New Advanced Search

To conduct a new advanced search: 

  1. Click Search on the top panel. The area expands to display the Advanced Search option.
  2. Click Advanced Search.
  3. Select one or more of the following search values to create a new search query. 
    • Show Contracts with Alerts: Select Yes to only return results for contracts with alerts. If you select No, or leave both options unchecked, CLM returns results for contracts with or without alerts that meet the other search criteria. 
    • Show Contracts made in old editor: Select Yes to show contracts created in the old contract editor in the search results.
    • Available Fields: Select the data fields the contract must contain. Specify any exceptions in the NOT field. For example, if you want to search for all contracts except those in the Finalized status, add the Status field and then enter Finalized in the Not field. CLM filters the results and excludes contracts in that status. 
    • Available Contract Types: Select one or more contract types.
    • Available Statuses: Select one or more contract statuses. 
    • Available Clauses: Select one or more clauses the contract must contain.
    • Available Supplements: Select one or more supplements the contract must contain.
  4. Do one of the following: 
    • Click Search to conduct the search. CLM opens the search results window with all contracts that match your search criteria.  
    • Click Save to save the search query for later use. Enter a name for the search query.
  5. If you conduct search, CLM displays these buttons on the results page: 
    • Edit: Opens the contract in the Contract Editor.
    • Search: Returns you to the current search configuration screen and retains your settings.
    • Export Contracts: Enables you to modify the Available Fields criteria, and export the contracts with attachments, document, or fields. 

Note: If you select multiple values, CLM displays results that match all of the values you select. Example: If your search criteria includes a status, clause, and supplement, we only return results for contracts that contain the status, clause, and supplement you select.

Load Previous Search

To load a previous search:

  1. Click Search on the top panel.
  2. Click Advanced Search, and then click Load Previous Searches. CLM displays a list of all saved search queries. 
  3. Click Select next to the query you want to load. Optionally, to remove a query, click Delete. 
  4. Click Search to conduct the search.

Migrate Contracts 

CLM enables you to easily and quickly migrate contracts from the old editor to the new editor (also known as, Negotiation Space). You can continue to edit the contracts in the Negotiation Space and also leverage the new exciting features the new editor provides. 

To migrate contracts created in the old editor: 

  1. Click Search on the top panel. The area expands to display the Advanced Search option.
  2. Click Advanced Search.
  3. Show Contracts made in old editor: Select Yes to view all the contracts created in the old contract editor in the search results. You can also specify any additional criteria to search for specific contracts that you wish to migrate.
  4. Click Search to conduct the search.
  5. Click Convert next to the contract you want to migrate. Click Convert All to migrate all contracts at once. 

You can now edit and manage the contracts in the new negotiation space.

If there are more than 1000 contracts for conversion, CLM randomly selects and converts 1000 contracts at a time. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Note: This feature is currently available to administrators only.

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