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Auto Action Panel

This option is available if Salesforce, NetSuite, or CPQ  is integrated with CLM. CLM enables you to automatically execute a predefined action after the workflow action is executed in CLM. You can specify the information that must be sent to the integrated systems and also specify a trigger rule if required to automatically change the status of a contract after the workflow action is executed. 

Click Auto Action to expand the panel, and complete the form fields: 

  • To set an auto action, select Yes for Auto ActionMapped fields will be updated automatically in the integrated systems when the workflow action is executed.  
  • Select After Action: Select from the following pre-defined after actions to send specific data to Salesforce:
  • Send Fields to Salesforce: Fields mapped between CLM and SFDC in Setup > Other > Salesforce Mappings > Update from CLM to Salesforce and Get and update from Salesforce to CLM for a contract type are sent to Salesforce.
  • Send Attachments to Salesforce: If an entity specified in Other > Salesforce Mapping > Other Mappings Choose which Salesforce Entity to Attach the Executed Document, the attachment is sent to Salesforce and is attached to the Salesforce.  
  • Send Contract Attributes to Salesforce: All contract attributes are sent to Salesforce.
  • Send Contract Attributes and Attachments to Salesforce: All contract attributes and attachments are sent to Salesforce.
  • Send Updated Attributes to Salesforce: Only updated attributes are sent to Salesforce.
  • Send Finalized Attachment to SFDC Contract: Finalized attachment set is sent to SFDC and is attached to the contract entity.
  • Send Fields to CPQField values are sent from CLM to CPQ. Field Mapping is done in CPQ.
  • Send Fields to NetSuiteFields mapped between CLM and NetSuite in Other > Mapping > NetSuite are sent to NetSuite. 
  • None: 
  • Trigger Rule is used to auto change the contract status and can be used in combination with sending data to CPQ, SFDC, NetSuite or just to automatically change status without sending data. In Trigger Rule, enter the trigger rule in the following format:
    $FIELDNAME==200 or $FIELDNAME!=text or $FIELDNAME==true
  • To trigger the action manually, select No for Auto Action.

Note: The After-Action option can be configured to automatically send data fields from CLM to CPQ after the Parallel Approval or Multisign action is executed. See Action Name.

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