Bulk Export

The Bulk Export functionality allows you to export and download selected contracts with related attachments or documents. All custom fields and the entire list of users, customers, and contacts can be easily exported in Excel format for offline use.

You can also exclusively export field data, without attachments or documents. The maximum number of fields that can be exported is 16,000. If export exceeds 16,0000 fields, a message stating Too many contracts selected for export is displayed. 

To export: 
  1. Click Setup > Other > Bulk Import/Export.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Click Export next to the entity you want to export. The following entities can be exported:
    • Contracts with documents
    • Contracts with attachments
    • Contracts with fields
    • Customers
    • Contacts
    • Clauses
    • Fields
    • Users
  4. If applicable, select the specific contract type, field, contract ID, or customer data you would like to export. 
  5. Click Export. Selected contracts are available for download in a .zip format, and selected data is exported to a .xls file.    

Note: The ID of the selected entity is always exported to the .xls file.