Bulk Import FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Contracts with Attachments and Contracts with Documents?
A: When contracts are imported with documents, the document imported in the .zip file becomes the default template for that contract in CLM. You can import only one document per contract. When contracts are imported with attachments, all attachments are listed under Details > Attachments in the CLM User Interface.

Q: Is there a limitation for the total file size or number of documents that can be exported?
A: No, there is no limitation on total file size or number of documents that can be exported using this tool. If the resulting zip file is greater than 1GB, attachments or documents will be divided into multiple zip files. However, exporting a large amount of data can take longer to complete.

Q: CLM Bulk Import Tool displays the following error at times: Error occurred during import in excel row X. Why does this error occur?
A: Any invalid field mapping can cause this error. To locate the problem, do one of the following:
  • Select the Save Successful for In case of error during import option when importing.
  • If you do not want to use the Save Successful option regularly, you can copy only the problematic row to a new Excel file and try to import with this option selected. You will then receive two Excel files (Success and Error). In the Error section of the result, you will be able to locate the exact problem with the Excel file you are trying to import.
Q: How is File Path used?
A: File Path field is a special column in the Excel file. It should always remain on the left side of the list that is Fields from Excel. This column should be only used in order to find necessary documents or attachments. It should not be mapped to anything.

Q: How do I find the ID of an entity - Contracts, Customers, Contacts, Clauses, and Fields?
A: To retrieve the ID of an entity, you must export the desired entity using Bulk Export. The ID of the selected entity is one of the default fields in the exported file. 

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