CLM for Administrators ยป Bulk Imports


Bulk Import

The Bulk Import functionality allows CLM Administrators to import contracts and related content from an external source into CLM. 

Import configuration contains JSON configuration, which are written objects representing fields corresponding to the entity being imported. Fields from import configuration are used to map data from Excel files. During Import, fields from the excel sheet are automatically mapped to the fields in the import configuration at the click of a button.

Following fields are referenced in the configuration:
  • classDomainName: Represents domain class name of the field for the entity that is being imported. Complex fields have their own classDomainName.
  • field: Represents field name from Domain class.
  • subfield: Indicates if the field is complex. If complex, it contains a subfield. Example: ClauseCategory
  • required: Indicates if the field is required or optional when importing an entity (Y/N).