CLM for End Users ยป CLM Customer Portal


CLM Customer Portal

The customer portal is a web-based portal where end-customers can securely access and review contracts. When a contract is sent to a customer, the customer can access the portal by clicking on the contract link in the email. The contract opens in the Customer Portal.

The following options are available to you if you have the required permissions:

  • Customer E-sign: Opens DocuSign for e-signature. Insert your signature and complete the process.
  • Forward: Forwards (reassigns) the contract and all associated workflow steps to another contact within the Organization. The list of available contacts is pre-populated based on configurations in CLM. 
  • Commercial Details: Facilitates communication between the CLM users and the Customer. You can add and respond to comments during the negotiation process. 

When CLM is integrated with CPQ, the Commercial Details feature in the portal facilitates communication between the CLM users (sales representatives) and CPQ users (legal representatives). Users can add and respond to comments during the negotiation process.  

  • Edit: Enables you to accept or reject the changes made to the contract. If you do not have the required permissions, you can only redline the content and insert comments in the contract.
  • Check-out: Enables you to check out the contract for offline editing. When you check in a contract, a new revision is created in CLM.  
  • Download: Enables you to download the contract in MS Word or PDF format.
  • Attachments: Enables you to attach documents to the contract. The attachments are then also listed in the CLM negotiation space under Attachments.

 Note: All options in the customer portal are permission-based. Contact your CLM administrator for more information.