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Confidential Contract

CLM enables you to increase the security of a confidential contract by overriding the default permission settings set by the administrator. You can control the type and extent of access individual users and permission groups can have to the contract. 

To view confidentiality settings, click Confidential Contract in the ellipsis menu.  When a contract is already set as confidential, CLM displays the message Contract is Highly Confidential on the header of the contract.

Note: You can set a contract as confidential only if you have the required permissions. Contact your system administrator for more information.

To set a contract as confidential:

  1. Open the contract and select Confidential Contract from the ellipsis menu (...) on the top right.
  2. You can configure permissions for both individual users and groups of users: 
    • Enter the username or email of one or more users.
    • Select one or more permission groups.

Anyone not added to the list will automatically be restricted from all access to the contract. 

  1. Configure the desired permissions for each user and permission group in your list:
    • Document: Specify who can Redline or View the document.
    • Fields: Specify who can View or Edit the fields.
    • Actions: Specify who can Execute workflow actions, and who is Forbidden from executing actions.
  2. To revoke complete access to the confidential contract, click the  icon on a user or permission group in the list.  
  3. Click Save to apply your settings. 

Warning: If you are not added to the list as in step 5 above, you will no longer have access to the contract.

To revert the contract to the default permission settings as configured by your administrator:

  1. Open the contract and select Confidential Contract from the ellipsis menu.
  2. Click Remove Confidential Status. 
  3. Click Save. The default permission settings will be restored.