Contract Relationships 

CLM has the ability to capture parent-child relationships for contracts. A parent-child relationship describes the hierarchical association between two or more contracts.

To import data about related contracts into CLM:

  1. Click Setup > Other > Bulk Import/Export.
  2. Click Import.
  3. On Bulk Import list page, click Contract Relationships.
  4. Upload the .xls file with the relationship data. The .xls file must contain a header row for contract keys:
    • In the first column, add contract keys of child contracts.
    • In the second column, add contract keys of parent contracts.

An example of a .xls file with the header row and contract key information is shown below:

Ensure to follow these rules when entering data in the Excel file which will be used for importing relationships.
It is important to follow these specifications because of possible database data collision.  
  • One child contract can only have one parent contract.
  • Multiple contracts can have the same parent contract.
  • If contract does not have children, it can have any parent.
  • If contract has children, it can have only parent contract which does not have parent.

  1. Click Import. On completion, an output folder is downloaded on your computer. The folder contains files with appropriate success and error messages. Make sure pop-ups are allowed on your browser in order to allow the download.