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Contract Repository

The contract repository is a centralized, fully searchable repository with various capabilities.

To access the repository, click Dashboard on the side panel.

The contract repository enables you to:

  • View contracts by status, including upcoming terminations
  • Filter and search the repository to narrow down your view and locate the information you need
  • Export or save the filter and search results as a View 
  • Customize the display of the columns that appear in the repository
  • Reassign or delete multiple contracts if you have the required permissions 

Click on a Contract Status or the Upcoming Terminations chart to view the contracts in the repository.

Additionally, the following actions can be performed from the repository based on configuration and permission settings:

Icon NameDescription
Quick Action 
Instantly execute the workflow action without opening the contract   
Contract Relations 
View contracts related to the current contract 
View alerts configured for the contract
Open the contract in the negotiation space 
DeleteDelete the selected contract