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Contract Type Template Editor 

As an administrator, you can create contract types in CLM and upload MS Word templates for each contract type or create new templates from scratch.

You can further edit, format, and customize the contract type template in the Contract Type Template Editor.

To open a template in the template editor:

  • Click Setup > Contract Types > Edit Template.
  • Click Setup > Contract Types > Create Create New 

You can perform the following actions in the editor:

  • Edit and format the contract type template using familiar MS Word processing commands. 
  • Add supplements to the contract type template. Click Supplements on the top-right corner to view all the supplements available for the Contract Type. Search and append the required supplements to the template. 
  • Add clauses to the contract type template. Click Clauses on the top-right corner to view all the contract clauses available for the Contract Type. Search and add the required clauses to the template. 
  • Add contract fields to the contract type template. Click Fields on the top-right corner to view all the fields that are available for the Contract Type. Search and add the required fields to the template. 

  • Format the font and style of the field names. Right-click on the field name, select Content Control Settings and then clear the Content Control cannot be deleted checkbox. The fields are now unlocked for formatting.

Note: If a template was uploaded with attribute tags, the Template Editor converts the attribute tags to object controls when the template is opened for the first time in the Template Editor.   

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