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Contract Workflow Actions

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    When you have the required permissions, you can execute workflow actions to route the contract to the appropriate stakeholder and lead the contract to its next stage in the process. You will be notified via email and receive notifications on your dashboard when you are assigned a contract and need to perform a workflow action. 

    Based on the workflow configuration, you may also have permission to reassign a contract to another user, void a contract, or resend a contract. 

    Perform Workflow Actions

    To perform a workflow action:

    1. Open the contract. Make edits as necessary. 
    2. Click Actions and select the workflow action from the drop-down. Examples of common workflow actions include:
      • Send to Manager for Review
      • Send to Customer 
      • Approve Contract
      • Reject 
      • Delegate Action
      • Void Contract
      • Resend Email to next Signer
      • Send for MultiSign
      • Start Parallel Sign
    3. Depending on the workflow action you execute, CLM will: 
    • Open the email window with a predefined message addressed to the next assignee. Add other recipients and edit the message if required and click Send to send the email. 
    • Open the contract in DocuSign or Adobe Sign if the workflow action requires your signature. Insert your signature, update other fields as necessary, and then click Finish.  

    CLM will then automatically route the contract to the next assignee and notify the assignee via email. 

    Delegate Approvals 

    If you have permissions to delegate an approval, the Actions drop-down displays the Delegate Action workflow action which allows you to delegate the approval action to another CLM user. 

    Click Delegate Action to pick a user to delegate the action and click OK.  

    CLM displays a confirmation message and the delegated user is notified by email about the delegated task. The delegated user can log in to CLM by clicking on the link provided in the email to complete the workflow action.

    To remove delegation, click Remove Delegated User

    Initiate Parallel Approvals 

    Based on the type of contract, workflow, and permission settings, multiple users can edit a contract at the same time. This can happen when a contract must be approved by multiple users and the administrator has configured Parallel Approval workflow for the contract type. Parallel Approval workflow allows multiple approvers to approve the contract. All Approvers must approve the contract for the workflow to be complete.  

    If you have permissions to initiate parallel approvals, the Actions drop-down displays the Parallel Approval option which allows you to select the approvers and initiate the parallel approval process. 

    Void Contract

    After a contract is sent to multiple internal and external approvers, you can still reassign a contract to another signatory if required by updating the email address in the Details Contacts field, and then emailing the contract again. This feature is useful if some of the approvers are no longer associated with the task or are unavailable. However, if an approver has already signed a contract and is now being replaced by a new approver, then the contract must be first made void and then sent again with the new approver's email address.  An option to void the contract and resend the contract is available in the negotiation space if configured by the administrator. 

    You can reassign contracts from the Contract Repository if you have the required permissions. 

    Reassign Workflow Action to an Individual User (Contact)

    If configured by the administrator, you can reassign a workflow action to an individual user, instead of a role. This feature is useful when the contract needs to be assigned to someone who is outside the contract workflow but is still a customer contact, for example, an attorney. If this option is configured, the email address of the contact is displayed when the reassign workflow action is executed. Click Reassign to continue. Additionally, if you can change the user by updating the email address if you have the required permissions.