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Copy Contract Type 

CLM enables you to create a new contract type by duplicating an existing contract type. This feature is useful when you need to configure similar settings for another contract type. You can copy the permission settings, clauses, supplements, and related categories into the new contract type. 

To duplicate a contract type:

  1. Click  Contracts > Contract Types on the side panel. 
  2. Click Copy next to the contract type you want to copy.  CLM copies all settings defined in General Tab,  Workflow Tab, and  Field Categories Tab to the new contract type.    
  3. Select the additional options you want to copy:
    • Permission Group settings from the existing contract type: Select this option to copy the permissions settings from the existing contract type. 
    • Clauses/Clause Categories from the existing contract type: Select this option to copy all the clauses and the clause categories from the existing contract type. 
    • Supplements/Supplement Categories from the existing contract type:  Select this option to copy all the supplements and the supplement categories from the existing contract type.  
  4. Change the  Contract Name and Code as needed. The  Contract Name and Code of the duplicated contract is prefixed by <copy of name of existing contract type>. 

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