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Create Alerts

CLM enables you to create alerts to notify specified recipients about: 

  • important contract dates that are nearing
  • contract tasks that are pending due to which the contract status has not changed

CLM sends out email notifications to the designated recipients on specified dates, for the specified frequency, using the specified email template. 


  • CLM can send an alert to the specified recipients every day for 7 days before a Contract Termination Date.
  • CLM can send an alert to the specified recipients when a contract is in the In Review status for more than 3 days.

Note: This option is available only if you have the required permissions. Contact your system administrator for more information.  

To create an alert:

  1. Open the contract and click Alerts from the ellipsis menu (...) on the top right. 
  2. Click the add icon to add new alerts.
  3. In the General tab, complete the following form fields: 
    • Alert Type: Select the type of alert you want to create. 
      • Select Date Field to send alerts when a specified date is nearing.
      • Select Pending in Status to send alerts when the contract remains in the pending status for a specified time.
    • Name Enter the name of the alert that must appear in the subject line of the notification email. 
    • Field: Displays for the Date Field alert type. Select the date type users must be notified about. For example, select Contract Termination Date.
    • Status: Displays for the Pending in Status alert type. Select the pending contract status users must be notified about. For example, select In Review.
    • Start Time: Specify when CLM must start sending the alert. See the following table for a description of available parameters and examples:

      Alert TypeStart Time ValuesStart Time UnitsExamples 
      Date FieldDay
      Enter units based on Start Time ValueIf you select Month and enter 2 units, CLM starts sending alerts 2 months before the actual Contract Termination Date.
      Pending in StatusHour
      Enter units based on Start Time Value
      If you select Day and enter 3 units, CLM starts sending alerts when the contract has been pending in the In Review status for more than 3 days.

    • Frequency: Specify if the alert must be sent every hour, every day, or every month.
    • End Time: Specify when CLM must stop sending the alert using one of these options:  
      • Never: Alerts are sent until it is disabled. 
      • Number of Occurrences: Alert is sent the number of times you specify.  
      • End Date: Alerts are sent until the date you specify. 
    • Mail Template: Select the email template that must be used when the alert is sent. 
    • Active: Select the checkbox to activate the alert. If not selected, CLM does not send the notifications.
  4. In the Recipients tab, select users who must receive notifications: 
    • Select Users: Select one or more users who must receive the alert notification.
    • Select from Available Contract Assignees and Distribution Lists: Click to add all or click  to add one. Click to remove all, or click  to remove one.  
  5. Click Save to apply your settings. 

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