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Customer Portal Permissions

This panel allows you to manage the level of access your customers will have to the contract in the customer portal:

  • Allow customer to accept and reject changes on customer portal: Allow or prevent customers from accepting or rejecting changes in the contract. If you select No, the customers can only redline and insert comments in the contract. By default, this option is set to No.
  • Allow customer to download the document on customer portal: You can choose to allow or prevent users from downloading the contract from the portal.
  • Allow customers to forward contract to another contact: You can allow customers to Forward (Reassign) the contract and all associated workflow steps to another contact within their Organization. The list of available contacts is pre-populated based on available Contacts in CLM for their Customer object.  Select Yes to allow the customer to forward the contract.
  • You can allow or prevent users from attaching files to the contract: Allow or prevent customers from attaching files to the contract in the portal.
  • Allow customer to check-in/check-out contract: Allow customers to Check-out the contract for offline editing or sharing internally with their personnel. After a check-out, when a customer checks-in the contract, a new revision is created inside CLM and they can proceed with the next steps.  Select Yes to enable the check-out/check-in functionality. 

Click Customer Portal Permissions to expand the panel.

Select the appropriate radio button to allow or prevent access to the respective activity.