CLM for End Users ยป Dashboard



The Dashboard provides quick visibility into your contract management activities and enables you to drill down to view details. You can:

  • View real-time status of your contracts
  • Access the contract repository:
    • Easily search the contract repository for the information you need
    • Filter contracts by Contract Types, Status, Status Category, Supplement, Clauses, and Fields
    • Export or save the filter and search results as a View (for later use)
    • Customize the columns in the repository to display information that is important to you
    • Reassign or delete selected contracts
  • Stay informed about upcoming contract terminations and take necessary action

On the side panel, click Dashboard to view the dashboard page.

When multiple assignees receive a request to review and approve the contract, the status of the contract displays Pending on the dashboard until a member self-assigns the contract. An assignee can choose to self-assign the contract by clicking on the Assign to Me option in the negotiation space.

You may be able to view contracts of a certain department, user, or contract type if the permissions are configured by the administrator.

Note: The options available to you may vary depending on the permissions configured by the administrator.

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