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Permission Group, Dashboard Customization Tab

Permissions in the Dashboard Customization tab determine which standard and custom contract fields are available to the users in the Contract Repository on the Dashboard.  This is the default view available to the users. The user can then customize the view in the CLM User Interface by using the Manage Columns option in the Dashboard.

To customize the display:

  1. Click Users > Permission Groups, and click Create. Define General Settings, and then click Dashboard Customization
  2. To add standard fields to the list, click  in the Available Contract Fields section next to the desired field. Standard fields are default system fields.
  3. To add custom fields to the list view, click  in the Available Custom Fields section. Custom fields are defined by administrators.

To customize the name of a field, click on the field and enter a new name that will display in the list. 

  1. To change the display order of the fields, drag and drop fields in the Selected Fields column.
  2. To remove a selected field, click .
  3. Click Save or click Save and Set Security to set Field Security.

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