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Based on permission settings, the Details panel displays custom fields that are configured for the specific contract type. Custom fields capture specific information about the contract such as signature date, renewal date, contact information, payment terms, and so on. The values are updated and displayed dynamically in the negotiation space. When a contract is opened for the first time in the Negotiation Space, all the attribute tags automatically convert to object controls and display actual field values.  

Hover your mouse over the field to view information about its function and usage. This information is available if the tooltip is configured by the administrator.

Users can edit the field values in Negotiation Space Details if required permissions are assigned.  To view or update the custom fields:

  1. Click Details on the top right toolbar. 
  2. Update the form fields as required. CLM saves the changes automatically and records the activity in the History feed.  
  3. Select Signatories from Contact, if applicable. 

After a contract is sent to multiple internal and external approvers, you can still reassign a contract to another signatory if required by updating the email address in the Details Contacts field, and then emailing the contract again. This feature is useful if some of the approvers are no longer associated with the task or are unavailable. However, if an approver has already signed a contract and is now being replaced by a new approver, then the contract must be first made void and then sent again with the new approver's email address.  Option to void the contract and resend the contract is available in the negotiation space, if configured. 

Additionally, users with admin role can view Fields associated with the Contract Type in the Negotiation Space and add or update required fields in the contract as needed.

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