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DocuSign ®  / AdobeSign ®

DocuSign and AdobeSign enable you to securely automate workflows and sign contracts online on your computer or mobile device. The CLM Administrator sets up either DocuSign or AdobeSign based on which solution your organization chooses to use.

If a workflow action requires you or your customers to sign using DocuSign or AdobeSign, the contract automatically opens in the appropriate application when the workflow action is executed. For more information, contact your CLM administrator. 

CLM locks the contract and the contract fields to prevent users from editing the details if the contract is already sent out for signature (via AdobeSign or DocuSign).

To send a contract for DocuSign/AdobeSign Signature:

  1. In the negotiation space, go to Details and select the signers. You can change the order of signers and decide who needs to sign first. The first user/contact will receive an email first with the option to sign a contract. 
  2. Execute the workflow action.  The finalized PDF is attached to the Contract Attachment section.

Note: The contract opens in a Modal window in CLM for Adobe Sign signature. The signer must not be logged into the Adobe Sign portal/any Adobe Sign account in the same browser. If this scenario occurs, the signer must log out from the Adobe Sign portal/all Adobe Sign accounts, dismiss the Modal window in CLM, and click Sign again to sign the contract in the Modal window. A modal window is a subordinate to an application's main window. 

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