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DocuSign Integration 

DocuSign enables you to securely automate workflows, collect information, and sign contracts online with your computer or mobile device. As an administrator, you can integrate and set up DocuSign with CLM, if your organization chooses to use DocuSign for electronic signatures. This section describes the prerequisites and integration steps:

See Workflow Tab for information on setting up action type for e-signatures. 


Prerequisites for integration include:

  • DocuSign API Plan that allows Embedded Signing and Sending: To enable users to sign and send documents through DocuSign, you need a DocuSign API Plan that allows Embedded Signing and Sending. See DocuSign API Plans for more details.
  • DocuSign Production Environment: Integration must be set up with a DocuSign Production Environment in order to remove the test watermarks from the documents. Note that a DocuSign Demo Environment is temporary and must be used only for testing purposes. 
  • DocuSign Account with Administrator Rights: You need a DocuSign account with administrator rights to integrate CLM and DocuSign. 

Integration and Set Up

To integrate and set up DocuSign with CLM:
  1. Log in to CLM as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Other > Providers.
  3. Click on the DocuSign icon and provide the following details: 
    • docusign.username and docusign.password : DocuSign user name and password that is used to identify your integration and authenticate your API calls. Add other DocuSign user accounts as necessary. 
    • docusign.url: DocuSign URL can differ between different accounts. For example, in certain production tenants, we use, where na2 represents the server value, which is determined by where your DocuSign Production environment resides. Current production server instances for DocuSign are www, na2, eu1, eu.
  4. Click Save. Test the integration by creating a DocuSign workflow action in a contract type.

Configure Initials

Configure DocuSign to allow users to add their initials to the contract. Subordinates can use this feature to insert their initials before sending the contract to their managers for signature. 

  1. In DocuSign, go to Document Custom Fields
  2. Click Add Fields to a field for initials.  
  3. Select Initials in the Name field. 
  4. Select Initial Here in the Type field.
  5. Select Shared.
  6. Enter the initials tag in AutoPlace Text.
  7. Click Save.

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