Export & Download Search/Filter Results

After you filter or search the contracts in the repository, you can export and download the results. CLM exports the results to Microsoft Excel ® and compresses each export to a ZIP file.  

To export and download the filter or search results:

  1. On the side panel, click Dashboard
  2. Search or filter the contracts in the contract repository.  CLM displays results matching your search criteria. 
  3. From the ellipsis menu, select Export to export the results. 
  4. Specify the export criteria.
  1. Choose the type of export:
  • To export contracts with related field information:
  1. Add the desired fields. In addition to other fields you select, CLM exports these fields as columns in the export file by default:
    • ID
    • ContractKey
    • ContractTypeName
    • ParentContractKey
    • File Path
  2. Click Export with Fields.
  3. Click Download Contracts. CLM downloads the file in XLSX format.
  • To download the contract with related attachments:
  1. Click Export with Attachments.
  2. Click Download Attachments. CLM downloads attachments in DOCX format and downloads contracts in PDF format.
  • To download the latest version of the contract template:
  1. Click Export with Documents.
  2. Click Download Documents. CLM downloads the documents in DOCX format. 

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