Global Search

Global Search is a robust feature and enables you to search across all documents, metadata fields, attachments, users, notifications and mail templates. It allows you to easily search specific details and quickly locate any information you need. Some common search keys are contract term, offering, or customer name. CLM opens a results page where you can filter the results by these categories: 

  • Contracts: Shows all contracts associated with the search term or contain the search key.
  • Users: Shows all users and customers associated with the search term. 
  • Notifications: Shows all notifications associated with or contain the search key.
  • Mail Templates: Shows all mail templates associated with or contain the search key.
  • Attachments: Shows all attachments that contain the search term enabling you to easily search and reuse any attachment.  

To conduct a global search: 

  1. Click  Search on the top menu. 
  2. Enter a keyword in the search box and press  Enter. CLM refreshes the results and displays all contracts that match your search key.
  3. To filter the results by category, click the respective filter on the left panel.

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