Quick Start Guide ยป Glossary



The following table describes some commonly used CLM terms.

clausePre-defined content, usually terms and conditions, that can be inserted in a contract
CLM Portal

Web-based portal where a customer can securely access, review, and negotiate a contract

Written business agreement between two or more parties that is intended to be enforceable by law
contract template
Standard pre-defined contract information specific to a Contract Type
contract type
Any type of service or sales contract, Example: Employment agreement, Real estate sales contract, etc.
CLM homepage that provides quick visibility into the contract management activities of the user
Separate document which adds to, or amends, the original contract
Approval process followed within the organization to lead a contract from start to finish
workflow action
Task in the contract lifecycle that progresses the contract from one status to another
contract status
The stage the contract is in, such as Draft, Review, or Approved, at a given time in the workflow
negotiation space Workspace that enables CLM users to work collaboratively in a secure online environment to create, redline, and negotiate contracts