The History feature tracks and records every single change made to the contract and also maintains revisions. You can view a quick summary of all the changes made to the contract and revert to a previous revision at any time. Click the History icon on the top right to view the history feed.

To view a specific type of change made to the contract, select the type from the drop-down list. For example, if you want to see what changes were made to the Clauses in the contract, select Clauses from the drop-down list. CLM displays a brief summary of the activity, lists the users who added or deleted a Clause, and the date and time the activity was performed.  History also tracks all the updates made to the clause content. All the changes are displayed as redlined text. To view the content changes, click on the clause link in History. 

You can also enter a keyword in the Search field to filter the results. For example, to view a list of changes made by John Doe, enter John Doe in the search field. 

You can also filter by these categories:

CategoryDisplays results for:
Document Revisions
Contract revisions. You can click the link in the summary to download a copy of the revision and you can click  to restore a previous version.
Audit TrailAll updates made to customer and contact information.
Action HistoryAll workflow actions performed on the contract.
NotesAll notes entered on a contract.
Internal NotesOnly internal notes on a contract.
External NotesOnly external notes on a contract.
Attached FilesAdded or removed attachments. You can click the link in the summary to download the attachment.
SupplementsOnly added supplements.
ClausesDisplays who added or deleted a Clause.
Parallel ApprovalDisplays who the contract is reassigned to if rejected.
DocuSignDisplays contract status if contract is rejected through Docusign.
Contract View HistoryUsers who viewed the contract.
Contract Relation HistoryAdded or removed relations.

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