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Mail Settings

Go to Setup Other Settings Mail Settings to configure the system-wide email settings.

Note: If you do not set up your domain email address, CLM uses the default From Address, which is to deliver emails.

Fields Description
From Address

This is the default email address that will be used when an email is sent out from CLM. This is the "send as" email address and is mandatory.

If you do not set up your custom domain email address, CLM uses the default From Address, which is  to deliver emails.  You can use the default settings or set up your domain email address, such as

You can also create a no-reply email address, such as A no-reply email address informs the recipient that replies sent to this email address will not be received or monitored.

Sender AddressThis will be used as the "send as" email address if different from the From Address. If the Sender Address is not specified, From Address is used by default.
Reply-to Address

This is the reply-to address to which responses to out-of-office emails must be sent.

If not specified, the email address of the user who executes the workflow action is used and the auto-reply email is sent to that email address. 


This is the address to which notifications of undeliverable emails must be directed (same as smtp.mailfrom).

This setting also impacts the SPF record. If Return-Path is different from From Address, the remote SMTP server checks the SPF record of Return-Path instead of From Address.

If Return-Path is different than From Address, the delivery notifications are sent to Return-Path instead of From Address.

If Return-Path is not specified, the email address of the user who executes the workflow action is used and notifications are delivered to that email address.

Setting Up Your Domain Email Address

Setting up your email domain in CLM ensures that all email is delivered from your domain.

To set up your custom email domain:
  1. Add your domain email (Example: in the From Address and Return-Path fields.
  2. Add the following CLM mail servers to your SPF record to authorize CLM to send emails from your domain:
  • ip4:
  • ip4:
  • ip4:
These mail servers are meant for Sandbox and Production environments.

Note: It is recommended that you engage your IT department to configure the Mail Settings and the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. It is important to configure these settings properly to pass the SPF check and prevent your emails from being marked as spam. 

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