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Mail Templates

Email templates are pre-written messages about common contract management tasks, requests, and responses. When defining a workflow, you can specify the email template that must be used when the workflow action is executed. 

For example, you can create an email template for a Reject workflow action. When the user clicks on the Reject action button in the editor, CLM opens the email screen with the appropriate pre-written message. Users can edit the text if required and send the email. You can also insert attribute tags and placeholders in email templates to reduce errors.

Click Contracts Mail templates to view a list of existing mail templates. You can perform these actions on this page: 

  • Search: Enter a search key in the Search field to search for a mail template. CLM displays results matching your search key.
  • Sort: Click Sort to order the templates alphabetically in an ascending or descending order. Click Save to save your preference. 
  • Create: Click Create to add a new mail template. See  Create New Mail Template for details.
  • Edit: Click Edit to edit a mail template. 
  • Delete: Click Delete to delete a mail template. You cannot delete a mail template if it is used in a workflow action. 

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